Colorado Expert Witness Services

Tenenbaum Law provides corporate securities and investment litigation consultant and expert witness services to clients and other law firms. Our attorneys have many years of experience in corporate, securities, and investment regulation. We also have vast experience in complex commercial litigation and securities litigation. Our comprehensive and extensive background in these areas helps other lawyers navigate the complex field of securities law and provides them with the solid expert consulting and testimony needed to successfully defend or prosecute securities and investment related claims.

The lawyers of Tenenbaum Law know how to persuasively educate and inform juries, arbiters, securities regulators, and judges through expert testimony in order that they may properly apply the securities and investment law and help you reach a positive result in your case.

Strengthen your securities case with our expert witness services.

Securities Law Expert Witness & Consulting Services

Whether acting as a consultant or expert in a securities regulatory investigation, proceeding or civil action, or in an investment-related arbitration, mediation or litigation, our attorneys become an integral member of your legal team, always keeping the client’s best interests in mind. The exceptional value our legal experts can provide to a favorable resolution of your securities or investment related dispute is evidenced by our proven track record and reputation in our field. We provide expert and consulting services across the full spectrum of securities and investment law and litigation.

The securities attorneys of Tenenbaum Law regularly advise and counsel other attorneys as an expert witness in the following practice areas:

  • Securities and investment sales practices
  • Securities and investment products
  • Special expertise in federal, state, and self-regulatory issues
  • Broker licensing issues
  • Investment advisor issues
  • Liability and damage analysis

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Trusted advisor and legal expert with 40 years of experience in a full range of securities litigation issues.