Securities Compliance in Denver, Colorado

The Colorado securities attorneys of Tenenbaum Law understand that corporate compliance and proper disclosure are critical components to any successful business with investors. We are a proactive partner in helping our corporate clients avoid many preventable legal issues related to company finance and securities matters.

Our principal, A. Thomas Tenenbaum, is a former SEC attorney and has decades of experience serving as a legal counselor to small, medium, and large corporations providing advice and insight into their compliance and governance responsibilities. Our lawyers work with boards, governing committees, management, and investors to ensure that all external and internal requirements regarding governance are being met.

The SEC, FINRA, Colorado and other state securities commissions’ securities and corporate statutes and regulations are complex and frequently changing.

As a Denver-based securities law firm with a national practice, Tenenbaum Law assists businesses across the country with compliance and governance including public and private offerings and Dodd Frank/Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) requirements.

Our clients appreciate having experienced securities counsel on their side from the outset to avoid pitfalls and their financial consequences.

Our firm works with public and private companies in the Denver metro area and nationally to ensure their compliance with:

  • Corporate Finance Issues
  • Market Regulation (including SROs such as FINRA)
  • SEC Regulations
  • State and Federal Securities Laws

Colorado Securities Attorney

Tenenbaum Law partners with our corporate clients to provide seasoned legal counsel on issues related to corporate compliance and governance in the securities arena. The firm has years of experience guiding companies, their boards, and management through all aspects of their corporate duties.

Our legal advisors are a trusted resource for businesses help and guidance with governance and disclosure issues, including

  • Best Practices Regarding Corporate Duties and Compliance
  • Crisis Management Strategies
  • Development of Informational Disclosures
  • Drafting of Corporate Documents
  • Leadership Education on Laws and Legislation
  • Strategic Corporate Communications

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